Security and other IT news aggregator

This personal website aggregates security and other IT news from various sources so I can finally have them all in one place, nicely organized by date or keywords. None of the articles featured here are my own – they are headlines and short descriptions of articles I can find on websites I usually follow, so I can quickly scan them here before I actually go and read them at the origin website. Credit goes fully to the original posters/authors of the articles. The purpose is to have just news, clean, no pictures, no clutter, just what`s needed to decide if it is worth reading or not based on one`s interests.
If you find this news aggregator useful, feel free to browse the headlines, then read the full articles on the origin websites.
Note that the website is a work in progress and functionality is lacking or there may be issues.

To contact me, please use the email button in the footer.

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